The Ivy Retreat

Red Embroidered Linen- Day 2

Rachel ChurchComment

So,  I've decided to make the red and white embroidered linen into a flowy blouse. Wanting to keep as many of the original details as is, I'll be working hard to not cut out any of the cute trim.  You might be wondering why the color looks different in some of the photos.  Don't be worried, nothing happened!  When I do my design work, I like to play with the material while it's inside-out.  It just makes everything easier for me to visualize the completed project and adjust the fit.  The sleeves will be quarter length so they can show off the stripes and pom poms. It looks like there is some excess material, so a second layer will be attached to the foundation of the shirt.  This will make it easy to wear for different sizes and shapes!  I'm thinking that a simple scoop neck will be the last touch.  See you tomorrow for the big reveal!