The Ivy Retreat

Aprons- Day 3

AccessoriesRachel ChurchComment

Today I'm posting about the last two aprons listed for this series.  As you can see, I mixed the yellow fringed blanket with the natural ivory linen floral material to create the first apron. I love using pattern on pattern!  Because neither of the prints are too busy, they have a nice vibe when put together.  The yellows of each fabric pair up well with each other while the natural ivory color and white of the pattern blanket look sharp side by side.  The second apron is a little more daring!  I used the yellow and olive fringed multicolored floral print linen and made sure to incorporate the fringe this time.  Who doesn't like fringe!?!  Keeping it at the pocket opening was a good way to make sure it's not "too much."  As great as fringe is, it's even better in small doses so as to not overwhelm a piece.  I hope you've enjoyed this little installment of aprons.  Be sure to check them out in the shop! 

photo 5 (73).JPG