The Ivy Retreat

White Lace Wedding Dress- Day 2

Rachel ChurchComment

The white lace wedding dress is looking awesome!  I took off the sleeves to put another style of sleeve in and also noticed that while the neckline is pretty, the string of pearls was attached by superglue making it stiff and unmanageable.  I think I'll trim this down a bit and make it more modern.  As you can see, I've also started to take out some of the chest lining fabric under the lace.  I really want to keep the integrity of this dress by not removing too much of the lace while making it more fashionable and up to date for today's bride.  I think this new peek a boo style of lace will be the perfect upgrade.  Also, the buttons along the back zipper are on the wrong side!  There is no way to close the button with the loop and hide the zipper unless I switch them all to the other side of the zipper. Needless to say, if you need me I"ll be attaching buttons today!  Be sure to check back in tomorrow for the reveal!