The Ivy Retreat

Green Floral Pillow Case- Day 1

Rachel ChurchComment

I got this set of pillow cases from Room Service Vintage.  I love the pattern on pattern combination of flowers and stripes.  The vintage floral pattern made from the yellows, greens, and oranges is a really great combination of colors.  The tag says the are from a company called Belleair and made of 50% dacron polyester and 50% combed cotton.  I wanted to get some facts on Belleair for you, but I couldn't find much.  I did however find a newspaper article from December 2, 1940 that advertised "Bellair monogrammed sheets and pillow cases".  At the time of the posting, pillow cases and sheets ranged from $.25 to $1.19.  A lot has changed since then!  The whimsical floral print definitely makes me think that these were made in the 60's.  Check back in tomorrow to see what the plan is!

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