The Ivy Retreat

Pleats galore...

Rachel ChurchComment

Hi again!  I was so happy to find this skirt the other day.  It's from the 1960's and doesn't have a tag, so I'm assuming it was handmade.  It's completely pleated and has a zipper and button closure on the side. The pleats are fairly thin and in beautiful condition.  The tricky part about this one is the color. I'm not really sure what to call it!  It's a mix between a light celery color and a buttery pale yellow.  In some light it has more of a yellow look and in others it looks like a green-yellow. Whatever color it is, it's very pretty.  It would be cute with a casual printed tee or even a glitzy top for the evening.

On a separate note, Happy Father's Day!  Dad, you're the best!  Thanks for believing in me, being a great role model, and a being one of The Ivy Retreat's biggest fans!  :)