The Ivy Retreat

1950's Green layered skirt...

Rachel ChurchComment

Happy Friday!  Today I'm showing you a fun skirt that I picked up the other day.  It's a beautiful layered piece that ranges in color from a light minty seafoam green to a light emerald green.  it was made by the Anita Bari company of New York in the 1950's.  The outermost layer is an organza/chiffon, the middle layer is an ivory satin, and the bottom layer is a tulle crinoline.  The crinoline really helps to give that full, puffy effect.  Is ballerina-chic a style?  I think I'm starting this movement.  It would be the perfect skirt to wear to a fancy event with a tucked in silk blouse and heels or even to wear with a very "in" crop top.  This beauty is ready for you in the Etsy shop today!