The Ivy Retreat

Sublime nights...

Rachel ChurchComment

This dress!  Isn't it stunning?  It's a floor length lime green chiffon evening dress from the 1960's and doesn't have a tag.  The dress is made of a pale yellow fitted base layer and it has a chiffon lime green top layer.  Overall, it looks chartreuse and slightly lime colored.  The chiffon on the front falls mostly straight while the chiffon in the back is flowy and graceful.  Perfect for twirling around in circles and looking like a piece of art. 

I can imagine a cute pregnant celebrity wearing this to a fancy awards show.  Not sure why, but that image has just been stuck in my head!  It will work for many body types though.  The color is fabulous and the beading around the neck is just so glamorous and unique.  No need for jewelry with this!