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1950's Mint green party dress

VintageRachel ChurchComment

When I imagine what a lady of the 1950's would wear to a sophisticated luncheon party, this dress comes to mind.  Sitting there with perfect posture, she would be eating tiny sandwiches, talking about the latest trends, and drinking lemonade with her pinkie finger up. This is a gorgeous piece from designer Lorrie Deb of San Francisco and was made in the 50's.  It is a really lovely soft mint green color with a light tan sleeveless floral lace top section.  The large bow sits at the front of the waist and gives the perfect lady-like, preppy touch to the outfit.  The mint green skirt portion is covered by a loose chiffon overlay that almost gives it a velvety appearance.  Just stunning!  This dress is up in the Etsy shop today so be sure to check it out!