The Ivy Retreat


Red Striped Dress- Day 2

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I'm loving how this dress is turning out!  I'm using an adjustable dress form to work from for this project.  It has dials that rotate to different measurements, so I'm getting a better fit than if I kept it on a standard sized mannequin. Something came over me and I decided to put the dress backwards onto the dress form.  Maybe I had too much coffee...who knows. not sure if you've caught on yet, but I don't always like rules.  This doesn't refer to the stopping at red light kinds of rules; just mainly fashion.  I do like to shake things up whenever possible though.  The sleeves are now removed and the front button down closure is being transformed into a low cut back opening with buttons.  The back is also being modified into a slight boat neck collar and fitted bodice.  Pretty cool, huh!? Tomorrow is the big reveal of the final product, so don't miss it!