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1950's dress

1950's Sheer ivory gown

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Sorry for the delay, folks!  It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  I participated in my first vintage market and moved into a new house (among many other things).  So, life has been great, but just really stuffed with lots to do!  I'm super pumped that The Ivy Retreat's studio is finally taking shape, too.  So, there will be plenty of new pieces popping up for your viewing pleasure! Today I'm posting pictures of a pretty 1950's chemise that I picked up recently.  I think it would be the sweetest little wedding dress with a nude slip or tight dress layered under it.  The accordion pleating with lace trim that scoops to the back is such a lovely detail.  Check it out in the shop! 

1950's Blue patterned dress

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This is such a gorgeous dress from the 1950's!  The pattern is a horizontally positioned royal blue and Kelly green abstract print with a white base.  I'm so excited for all of the beautiful details on this piece!  It has a raised mandarin type collar that can stand or lay flat.  It also has a royal blue belt and pockets on the sides with a fun sections of material that hang out of the openings to make them stand out against the busy background  There are lovely clear plastic buttons at the top section with tiny rhinestones in the center of them as well.  I could go on, but it speaks for itself!  Check in out in the shop soon! 


1950's Coral preppy dress

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This preppy coral dress is such a cute piece.  It's a handmade party dress from the 1950's.  The color is a really nice tomato-coral that's bright and cheery.  The dress is a simple enough to be appropriate for anything from work to an evening event.  Adding small accessories would be all that it needs!  The classic shape is great and the preppy bow, pleating in the skirt, and interesting lines in the top give it some unique design details that make it stand out.  Check it out in the shop today!