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1970's dress

1970's Wrap dress

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I got a chance to scope out some vintage stores this weekend and I was blown away by what I had been missing!  I thought that I was a regular at just about all of the local shops, but boy was I wrong.  Now I have a few new favorites!  This little blue dress stood out from the get go.  I've always been a fan of this powdery blue color and wrap dresses are just so easy to wear.  The pleating along the top and the way the skirt flows is lovely.  With some tights it could really be a wonderful fall dress!  Check it out in the shop

1970's Pink butterfly sleeved dress

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This dress is such a breath of fresh air.  It's a 1970's bubblegum pink short crepe dress with pleated butterfly sleeves.  Crepe is a French word meaning "crimped" and is a texture probably best described as grainy, puckered, or crinkled.  Can you see the slight lines going down the fabric and adding texture? I think crinkled and crimped are perfect words to describe this little lady. The overall style is more of a simple shift shape, but the sleeves turn it up a notch and really make the overall design more exciting.  It's great because this dress could so easily be dressed up or down by adding the right accessories.  It's summer ready and super versatile. Check it out in the Etsy shop today!

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1970's Floral Maxi Dress

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Today I'm showing you a 1970's floral maxi dress that I recently found.  It is from a company called Act 1 and is made of a soft cotton.  I  tried to find some information on the company but had no luck!  It would be so great to have a large database of all the clothing companies from the early 1900's to the 1980's.  I wonder If this exists!?!

The print of the dress is just so fun.  It's soft and feminine but still has that earthy, whimsical, hippy vibe that's popular these days.  There is a zipper going down the back and a lace tie at the bust that goes around to the back of the waist.  Slightly puffed long ruffled sleeves and a ruffled v-neck collar give the dress a few more pretty design details as well.  I'll be adding this and a few more pieces to the Etsy shop today, so stay tuned!