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1960's Black feather cocktail dress

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Now this is a little back dress that stands out above the rest!  It's a 1960's short cocktail dress that has one shoulder and is lined with a feather trim.  These feathers add such great texture and are so incredibly soft.  For an extra touch, there is a sheer piece of black chiffon that hangs from the back of the shoulder.  It's just enough fabric to blow in the wind and make you look like the most fashion forward lady at the party without getting wrapped up and tangled.  This little lady is a serious show stopper.  Check it out in the Etsy store

1960's Black knit dress

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For really loving colorful prints and loud patterns, I'm also all about the simplicity of a basic and neutral color palette.  I'd say that my favorite fashion statements are simple black, camel, and/or gray outfits with a classic and modern feel to them.  It's always fun to bring in a little pop of pattern and color with jewelry or a purse.  I found this dress and thought it would be the perfect fall staple.  Worn with camel boots and perhaps a cropped coat when it starts to get cool outside...ahh, perfection!  Its from Campus Casuals of California and was made in the 1960's.  The design details are on the back with an adorable section of fabric that folds over and has 4 large buttons.  The sleeves are 3/4 length and the fabric is a wool knit that has some stretch to it.  Check it out in the Etsy shop today! 

1950's Black cocktail dress

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Have you been looking for that classic LBD (little black dress)?  If so, here's a great one for you!  This is an adorable handmade dress from the 1950's.  It has a much more intricate design than I realized when I first scooped it up.  It's a short cocktail length dress and has a skirt portion which poufs out pretty wide with the left and right sides that are longer than the front.  The waist area is separated by a yoke and there is a metal zipper that goes down the back.  The top has a deep scoop in the back and front.  Starting at the shoulders, a thick piece of fabric follows the back scoop and attaches with snaps along the way.  It creates a lovely sort of cowl "neckline" for the back or a shelf...basically, it's a really pretty design element that I haven't seen yet! Check it out today  in the Etsy shop!