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Aprons- Day 2

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Today I'll be showing you a second batch of aprons I created.  I just love these things.  As you can see, all of the fabric being used for projects like this has been used in previous pieces I've posted.  You can't find this fabric anywhere else, so I figured I might as well use up as much as possible before the lot runs out!  These pieces are made from the natural linen material with a yellow, mustard, and green floral pattern and then the yellow fringed blanket with a white diamond pattern.  There isn't any fringe left though; that was all used for my  yoga bags!  These two new aprons are up today and ready for purchase.  Check them out in the shop and come back tomorrow to see what else pops up! 

Aprons- Day 1

AccessoriesRachel ChurchComment

Happy weekend!  I still had some leftover floral fabric from making the bright floral fringe shirt as well as the linen yellow floral patterned napkin set, so when i decided on making aprons I thought that this fabric would be a great fit.  These aprons that I'll be introducing to you for the next few days are just so cute and versatile.  They can be used for cooking and baking, arts and crafts, and sewing.  They are also great as vendor aprons for wedding planners, florists, and just about anything else you can think of.  The straps are super long, so they'll fit many sizes and can wrap around the dress form twice while still having room for a bow.  They come with two large and deep pockets on the front to hold whatever your heart desires.  They also have a tag from The Ivy Retreat on the lower left corner of the front pocket.  Pretty snazzy.  Check out this piece in the shop today and be sure to see what other aprons pop up!