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Brass flower brooch

VintageRachel ChurchComment

A brooch is a decorative jewelry item designed to be worn on garments, often to hold them closed.  They are frequently decorated and may be worn just for looks or serve a more practical function.  I've never actually worn a brooch, but I've always liked them!  Rather than pinning one on a blouse, I've always thought that brooches were more beautiful as a hair accessories or added onto simple clutches to give them a little pizazz.  Brooches have pretty much been around since...forever.  They were first used in the Bronze Age which began in 3300 BC (yeah... a very long time ago) and have continued to be popular throughout time.  This  lovely piece has a large flower as its main face and a leaf pattern that sits behind it.  It will stand out as a lovely focal point regardless how it's worn.  Check it out in the shop today! 

Brass shell necklace

VintageRachel ChurchComment

I don't usually find shell necklaces too appealing, but I came across this little gem the other day and had a complete change of heart.  This brass necklace with 5 shells on it rests perfectly from the neck and is a really great size.  There is slight tarnishing because of the age which really adds to the vintage appeal and overall look.  It has a very interesting closure and a tiny two sided tag that's labeled with the maker and the city in which it was made. Pididdly Links was a costume jewelry company, first established in Lake Katrine, New York.  It was known for creating antique reproduction pieces in Victorian, Art Nouveau, and other decorative styles.  It was founded in the late 60's, so I'm dating this piece to be from the 70's!  Check it out in the Etsy shop today!