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dress with bow

1960's Peach mini dress

VintageRachel ChurchComment

This 1960's peach dress is so sweet.  It has a v-neck collar, short bouncy skirt, and a large bow that sits at the middle of the waist area.  The color is a nice light pink/ salmon/ peach mix and the fabric has a bit of an iridescence to it.  There are tiny glitter flakes in the material that create a sheen without making the outfit too shiny or sparkly.  Sequins are one thing, but glitter that's overdone on an outfit can be a nightmare.  For a girly, preppy look, this dress would look adorable with a white button down shirt put under it to create a jumper look.  Check it out in the shop

1960's Black cocktail dress

VintageRachel Church1 Comment

The dress on today's agenda is a cocktail dress from the 1950's.  It's a black lace scoop neck dress with a large bow that sits at the waist.  The scoop neck continues on to the back of the dress with a long metal zipper that goes down the center of the back.  Did you know that zippers were not used on the back of dresses and skirts until the 1950's and 60's?  It wasn't until their integrity was strengthened and strong enough not to break that they moved from the sides of outfits to the back!

This dress was made by the Suzy Perette company in New York.   The company was known for making affordable versions of Parisian designs in the 50's.  The Suzy Perette silhouette of a cinched waist and full skirt was very popular and a quality interpretation of famous Dior styles of the time.  Check out this dress and many more in the shop