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Etsy, meet The Ivy Retreat!

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Hello all, I have some exciting things to talk about today!  For the last month(ish) I've been posting projects in a before, during, and after blog series.  As you know, once items are completed they go into the shop and are put up for sale.  I must confess that since I've started this journey I've had a problem though; something has been... missing, perhaps.  I've been finding vintage clothing that I'm absolutely obsessed with.  Many of the pieces I've come across I couldn't bear to transform.  They've just been too perfect!  So, along with gaining a collection of vintage linens, materials, and clothing that needs love and restoration, I've been stocking up on beautiful vintage that just needs a second chance.  Hand washing, mending, and ironing is usually very crucial for these pieces.

The Ivy Retreat now has a page on Etsy.  As a second selling platform, it's a place to show all of my blog projects as well as the new vintage items that will be popping up all of the time.  It creates an environment for my company to be close with other creatives and to share my goods with the world.  Blog posts will be the same as before, with additions of posts about new and beautiful vintage items being added into inventory.  So, be sure to check it out my store at The Ivy Retreat on Etsy!  New things will be added in all of the time and I am super pumped to share them with you!