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1950's Floral beaded evening dress

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Man oh man am I excited to show you this amazing dress.  I found it the other day and just about fainted.  It's a 1950's fully beaded evening dress from Branell. "By Branell" was a high-end line of dresses, suits, and coats designed in New York by Hilda Altmark.  This dress has beaded horizontal lines in shiny metallics as well as yellow and green embroidery with beaded floral patterns scattered around the dress.  And yes,  all of that beading makes for one heavy dress!  I did some research on the designer and found out that she actually became well known in the 1950's for creating a dress that Grace Kelly wore.  The dress is pictured here at the announcement of her engagement to Prince Rainier.  Pretty neat, right!?! Check out this beautiful piece in the Etsy shop today!

1970's Floral Maxi Dress

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Today I'm showing you a 1970's floral maxi dress that I recently found.  It is from a company called Act 1 and is made of a soft cotton.  I  tried to find some information on the company but had no luck!  It would be so great to have a large database of all the clothing companies from the early 1900's to the 1980's.  I wonder If this exists!?!

The print of the dress is just so fun.  It's soft and feminine but still has that earthy, whimsical, hippy vibe that's popular these days.  There is a zipper going down the back and a lace tie at the bust that goes around to the back of the waist.  Slightly puffed long ruffled sleeves and a ruffled v-neck collar give the dress a few more pretty design details as well.  I'll be adding this and a few more pieces to the Etsy shop today, so stay tuned! 


Flower child ...

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Happy weekend!  Isn't this just the best?  It was made in the 1970's and didn't come with a label.  It's a floor length gown and could really be dressed up or down.  The sleeves are awesome!  They are 3/4 length and bell shaped.  The top bodice portion is fitted and the skirt portion is airy, loose, and whimsical.  The print is perfect.  We all know my obsession with a good floral print.  Pink poppies and daisies with greenery fill the space and make it a lovely piece of art.  This would be the ideal hippy wedding dress or even an outdoor event gown.  Check it out in the Etsy store for more details!