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ivory coat

1950's Ivory swing coat

VintageRachel ChurchComment

I know it's summer, but I had to post this coat today!  Sometimes you just have to prepare for upcoming seasons way in advance, right!?!  This beauty was too pretty to let sit for a couple more months. It is such a nice wool coat from the 1950's.  It's handmade and has great texture from the weaving of the material as well as a really soft satin ivory lining.  There is a large ivory button at the top as well.  I was told that it came from an estate sale in Michigan and was preserved beautifully.  It has that retro, "Mad Men" feel to it , but also looks modern with its classic shape and winter white color.  Another plus is that it will fit many sizes because the only fitted area is at the top button closure!  It may be 90 degrees where you live, but check it out in the Etsy shop today and have a great weekend!