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1970's Ivory knit maxi dress

VintageRachel ChurchComment

Happy weekend everyone!  Today I'm showing you a pretty dress that I found the other day. I made a much needed pit stop to the local antique mall because I was getting really low on items to post.  This is a "problem" I don't mind having one bit! :)  Luckily I had kept my distance long enough, because there was a nice collection of newbies out on the floor for me to look through and I got some awesome pieces!  This lovely dress is a simple floor length maxi made in the 1970s.  It's made from an ivory stretch knit material and has a top portion that is billowed.  The top has an accordion crinkle appearance to it with a small triangle of pretty lace.  It's a little tough to know exactly what it's meant for, because it doesn't fit perfectly into any one category.  It could be a super simple wedding dress for a no fuss bride, an ivory maxi dress for a summer outing, or a really nice night gown.  A little versatility never hurt anyone!  So, be sure to check out this piece and more at the Etsy shop today!