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maxi dress

Best dressed...

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This dress.. Oh, how I love this dress.  It's a 1970's gown from Lillie Rubin.  This company was founded in the 1940's in Miami, near where I grew up, and it has always been known for making high quality evening and special occasion gowns.  I found out that about 10 years ago Lillie Rubin stores had to unfortunately be shut down and some of them were actually converted to Cache' stores. 

It was really exciting to find such a pretty piece.  I thought about not putting this gorgeous gown up for sale and instead keeping it all to myself.  After much thought I decided against it though.  I said, "Other people need to have pretty dresses too, Rachel.  You can't keep these gems all to yourself."  So, it's up in the Etsy shop and ready for some love.  Enjoy! 

Flower child ...

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Happy weekend!  Isn't this just the best?  It was made in the 1970's and didn't come with a label.  It's a floor length gown and could really be dressed up or down.  The sleeves are awesome!  They are 3/4 length and bell shaped.  The top bodice portion is fitted and the skirt portion is airy, loose, and whimsical.  The print is perfect.  We all know my obsession with a good floral print.  Pink poppies and daisies with greenery fill the space and make it a lovely piece of art.  This would be the ideal hippy wedding dress or even an outdoor event gown.  Check it out in the Etsy store for more details!

Red Striped Dress- Day 3

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The outdated red and white striped dress is now a modern sleeveless maxi dress with a low cut button closure back.  I decided to keep the white ruffled hem as is.  It adds a cute vintage detail while the stripes look more modern, so the juxtaposition is fun.  Taking off the sleeves and making the back low cut automatically gave this piece a fresh, new look.  I think it's perfect for the summer too!  It can be kept casual with simple sandals and a floppy hat for a weekend at the beach or dressed up with heeled espadrilles and a clutch.  Earlier, I referred to the dress as red, but I actually feel like it's more of a watermelon, not a true red.  The thread that I chose to use is a contrasting peachy pink color, because... why not. You can't go wrong with peaches and watermelon.  Check out this pretty piece today in the shop!