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satin wedding dress

Satin wedding dress

Vintage, DressRachel ChurchComment

This satin wedding dress is a gorgeous piece from the 1940's.  The details on it are just beautiful.  It has covered buttons that go down the length of the dress, slightly puffed sleeves,  and a simple matching tie to go around the waist.  It's a classic shape and style that would look amazing on a modern bride.  Check it out in the shop today! 

Satin wedding robe

Vintage, DressRachel ChurchComment

This 1940's heavy satin robe is pretty exquisite.  It was used as a bridal changing robe back in the day and is gorgeous with its tan lace detail and covered buttons.  The lace and satin panels that go from the waist around to the back are pretty amazing, too.  This robe would be beautiful used for the dressing pictures before the ceremony starts as well as paired with a simple under dress and used as a wedding gown.  Check it out in the bridal section today!