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1970's Black sequin dress

VintageRachel ChurchComment

I picked up this dress on one of my recent shopping trips.  It's an amazing 1970's black evening dress that's covered in shiny black sequins.  It has a simple shape and falls between the mid calf and ankle area.  There are small pleats at the front and back of the waist and a side seam zipper.  There is a simple scoop neckline and loose fitting, low cut sleeves.  I really like that the length is something different from usual!  It will stand out because it's not too long or short.  And let's be honest...the sequins are pretty darn cool too.  I've always had a thing for sequins done well.  It would be a stunning black tie event dress or even a gorgeous piece to wear to a fancy wedding.  Check it out in the Etsy shop today!