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silk scarf

1950's Floral scarf

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Here is another fabulous 1950's silk scarf.  It has beautiful large ivory flowers outlined in bold black lines.  The flowers look like they could either be large fluffy garden roses or peonies.  Both blooms are pretty up there on my top ten list of favorite that's exciting.  The floral print sits on a very sheer ivory base and the whole scarf has a 1.5 inch ivory border.  This piece has some wear to it, but the amazingly romantic and feminine print combined with the sheer material and soft, ethereal style make any tiny imperfections worth it.  It is a larger than the average scarf, so the versatility is great.  Stop by the Etsy store today and check it out! 

1950's Infinity scarf

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Take a look at this find!  It's a 100% silk scarf from Japan.  Unlike traditional scarves, this beauty does not fold out to be a large square.  It's an infinity scarf that forms a loop with no ends.  The colors are amazingly vibrant and the abstract plaid pattern is so much fun.  I was trying to date it correctly and saw that the tag had a WPL number listed on it.  Having no idea what that was, I searched it and found out that WPL numbers were issued from 1941 through 1959 under the Wool Products Labeling Act.  The items under this act went up through 13669 and anything after that was an RN number.  This scarf is listed as 13407, so it was made during the later years of the 1950's.  I think it looks surprisingly modern though!  Check it out in the shop today! 


'R' Scarf

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Maybe I'm partial to the letter R, but I think this little scarf is adorable.  It's a 1950's black silk scarf with an embroidered "R" on the corner of it.  The embroidery is in blue, pink, and green thread, so it stands out well against the black background.  Scarves gained a lot of popularity in the 1940's and 1950's and were used as belts, pony tails hair wraps, and worn around the neck (among other things).  They were famously worn 'touring' style over the head, blowing in the wind, while driving in a chic convertible.  Even Audrey Hepburn said, 'When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.'  Well that just about sums it up doesn't it!  How do you like to wear scarves?  I've always enjoyed tying them to the handle of a purse or wrapping them in my hair like a head band.  Check this beauty out today in the shop!