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1960's Pink beaded crop top

VintageRachel ChurchComment

I've been very attracted to sequins and beading lately.  I don't really know why, but my eye has been drawn in by vibrant and shiny pieces.  Maybe it's the fact that the end of summer is near and I know that I'll gravitate towards warm and cozy fall colors and textures soon.  Even though I love the classic and staple outfits, there is always a need for pizzazz.  Yep, pizzazz: an attractive combination of vitality and glamour.  This 1960's crop top is just that!  It has a lovely color and beaded floral design work.  The length is a perfect fit for anything high waisted and the sequin embellishment gives it just the right amount of shine.  Be sure to check it out in the shop today! 

Bright Floral Fringe Linen- Day 3

ShirtRachel ChurchComment

The bright floral fringe linen that was once a bed sheet is now a sweet sleeveless top.  It has small rolled hem edges on the collar and armholes and the olive green and yellow fringe was kept as the hem for the bottom of the blouse.  One of my favorite things to wear when it gets sunny outside, besides floral prints of course, is white denim.  I don't know why, but it's one of those staples that always freshens up a look and for this reason I have 6 pairs of white pants.  Let's keep that a secret though.  I think that this top with a pair of white skinny jeans would look amazing.  Be still my heart.  Today it's up in the store and ready for purchase!

Bright Floral Fringe Linen- Day 2

ShirtRachel ChurchComment

The floral fringed linen that I introduced yesterday is turning into a pretty sleeveless blouse.  I'm keeping the olive green and yellow fringe as it is and using it for the hem of the shirt.  How fun, right!?!  It'll add some cute detail to an otherwise simple design.  This print is pretty busy and the colors are very bright, so I've decided to keep the shape of the shirt basic.  It will be a shift style blouse with a small pleat at the collar.  Do you have any favorite pieces to wear in the summer time?  I know this will be a great piece to brighten up any room.  Stop back by tomorrow to see the completed design!