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Red Striped Dress- Day 3

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The outdated red and white striped dress is now a modern sleeveless maxi dress with a low cut button closure back.  I decided to keep the white ruffled hem as is.  It adds a cute vintage detail while the stripes look more modern, so the juxtaposition is fun.  Taking off the sleeves and making the back low cut automatically gave this piece a fresh, new look.  I think it's perfect for the summer too!  It can be kept casual with simple sandals and a floppy hat for a weekend at the beach or dressed up with heeled espadrilles and a clutch.  Earlier, I referred to the dress as red, but I actually feel like it's more of a watermelon, not a true red.  The thread that I chose to use is a contrasting peachy pink color, because... why not. You can't go wrong with peaches and watermelon.  Check out this pretty piece today in the shop! 

Red Striped Dress- Day 2

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I'm loving how this dress is turning out!  I'm using an adjustable dress form to work from for this project.  It has dials that rotate to different measurements, so I'm getting a better fit than if I kept it on a standard sized mannequin. Something came over me and I decided to put the dress backwards onto the dress form.  Maybe I had too much coffee...who knows. not sure if you've caught on yet, but I don't always like rules.  This doesn't refer to the stopping at red light kinds of rules; just mainly fashion.  I do like to shake things up whenever possible though.  The sleeves are now removed and the front button down closure is being transformed into a low cut back opening with buttons.  The back is also being modified into a slight boat neck collar and fitted bodice.  Pretty cool, huh!? Tomorrow is the big reveal of the final product, so don't miss it! 

Red Striped Dress- Day 1

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Hi again!  I hope everyone is having a nice long holiday weekend and has plans to be sipping a yummy drink with a slice of pineapple and a mini umbrella and at an outdoor event sometime soon. Ahh...sounds nice!  Inspired by Memorial Day Weekend, I brought out my long sleeved red and white striped button down dress to fix up next.  I do love me some stripes, but this ensemble might be a little too full of them.  With minor adjustments, I'll have it looking modern and ready to wear in no time. 

I did some research on this beauty and found that it was from a company called Avalon Classics. Inc.  I couldn't get much on said company, but I did find a tiny tag sewn into the waistband from the ILGWU, The International Ladies Garment Workers Union.  I investigated a little harder and because of the style of tag and codes that are listed, this dress was made between 1963 and 1974 in the USA. Awesome.  Check back in tomorrow to see how work is moving along and what I have planned for this piece!