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white wedding dress

1970's White and silver wedding dress

VintageRachel ChurchComment

I hope everyone is having a nice Labor Day weekend!  Now that I'm posting this gorgeous find, your day should get just a tiny bit better.  It's a late 1970's sleek white gown with shiny silver threading in an abstract palm branch pattern.  The shape of the dress is simple with a slit in the scoop collar and at the backside of the hemline and some darts below the waist.  I think it could work well as a wedding gown for a modern bride who likes clean lines and straight forward designs with a touch of sparkle.  With its hints of mid-century modern, eclectic, and minimalist design, it's bridal fashion that really stands out!  Check it out in the shop today! 

1960's Cotton wedding dress

VintageRachel ChurchComment

I'm in love with this wedding dress I found recently.  The style is a bit hard to explain though!  To me, it's like a mix between bohemian and earthy meets a prairie and pioneer wedding dress.  It is fully lined and the sleeves are not, so the sheer material helps to break up all of the white fabric.  It's made of a soft sheer cotton linen material, so it's not too heavy or stiff.  The top displays some amazing detail.  From the floral embroidery to the covered buttons and fabric loops to the tiny lace border, it's really a stunning piece.  It would be an ideal wedding dress for a simple outdoor forest or garden celebration! Head over to the shop and check it out today!