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1960's Tan gown

VintageRachel ChurchComment

This gown is one of my new favorites.  I found it the other day and squealed with joy.  Luckily, no one heard me (as far as I know).  I'm pretty much obsessed with gowns that are ethereal, flowy, and chiffon, and this fits the bill perfectly.  The light tan color is amazing and the sheer tie around the neck gives it a vintage flair.  It's from COCO California and was most likely made in the 1960's.  It could be a beautiful gown for a day or night time event as well as a wedding dress for a bride who is going with a fall or neutral color scheme and wants to be daring. Check it out in the shop

1960's Mustard gown

VintageRachel ChurchComment

I can't believe this dress is even in my presence.  I am so in love with it... and yes, love is a pretty strong emotion.  It's a gorgeous gown from the 1960's by Mike Benet  Formals.  The company was started in the early 60's in Texas and was known for making prom dresses and formal gowns.  This piece has a buttery pale yellow sleeveless base dress with a mustard chiffon gathered overlay top portion.  It's all held in place by the v-neck collar that is covered in pearls, rhinestones, and shiny gold string.  The embellished collar covers the front and the back, so no one will miss the amazing sight.  I could go on forever, but this one doesn't really need words.  Pretty much takes my breath away.  It's up in the shop today!